McGraw-Hill’s Spanish Picture Dictionary Review

If you intend to teach your child Spanish, then you should definitely buy McGraw-Hill’s Spanish Picture dictionary. It is the most easiest way to teach Spanish to your child. This dictionary draws your child’s attention and enhances their grasping power for the new language. The children will love learning only when they enjoy their books and have fun. This dictionary is just brilliant. it has numerous pictures and illustrations which helps the child to understand each and every term and the concept in Spanish. The book is meant for children aged four to nine years. The picture book strengthens the knowledge of your child by the visual meaning. This helps them to remember the meaning of the Spanish word exactly, so that they can use the term appropriately at the correct place.

The picture dictionary has many beautiful pictures throughout. The two page spread is easy to follow. The picture dictionary explains the concept of ideas, almost 1400 objects, people, and activities. These concepts are related to today’s world. Also to the children, home, playground, friends, and many more. McGraw-Hill’s Spanish picture dictionary makes your child understand what they are wearing, and what is their age. It helps them understand the types of seasons, and other circumstances.

The dictionary’s glossary and introduction assists you to follow the book explicitly. The book makes understanding the vocabulary, and conversation in Spanish easy. Some striking features of this are:
– the loving family scenes of a birthday party, getting ready for the school, sharing, and enjoying outside in the garden.
– Where’s Waldo exhibits that a turtle is hiding in every spread.
– Different sections for objects, numbers, and shapes.

Bring this book home today and just watch how easily your child learns Spanish.

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