Three Little Pigs Review

Walt Disney’s Three Little Pigs is a Little Golden Book that has become a classic children’s story. This story has been enjoyed by generations of little ones for not only it’s exciting story line and characters, but also for it’s underlying lesson about how hard work pays off in the end.

The Three Little Pigs is the story of how the three title characters have decided to build their homes. The first pig did not bother to put in the hard work of building a sturdy house, choosing instead to build his house out of straw. The second pig chooses the similar option of building his house out of sticks. The third pig is far more conscientious and chooses the labor-intensive option of making his house with bricks. This house is by far the most durable and withstands a visit from the Big Bad Wolf, who cannot blow the brick house down, as he had done with the previous two homes.

The valuable lesson children learn from this tale is that hard work is rewarded and it is necessary to put forth the effort in everything they do. The Little Golden Book version of this story features vintage Disney artwork from the 1940’s on each page. The hardcover book is 24 pages long and is low priced. With children’s book becoming increasingly more expensive, Little Golden Books such as the Three Little Pigs remain an affordable and classic line of books that children can enjoy for years to come.

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